Conservative, Gradual, Progressive KAATSU Cycles Are Key

Conservative, Gradual, Progressive KAATSU Cycles Are Key

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, military veterans, de-conditioned individuals
For what? muscle tone, stamina, strength, mobility

When people first hear about BFR (Blood Flow Restriction), they often search on the Internet to learn more.

They usually and quickly find a plethora of photos and videos of fit, active handsome young men and attractive women who use a wide variety of modified blood pressure cuffs and occlusion bands. The websites and videos most likely tout effective muscle growth and a variety of healthful benefits, primarily based on the initial groundbreaking studies of Dr. Yoshiaki Sato of Japan.

While young fit users are often shown on the Internet using weights and doing strenous exercises and completing intense workouts with these modified blood pressure cuffs, KAATSU equipment and KAATSU protocols are significantly different.

One of the most beneficial and profoundly useful modes with the KAATSU the Original BFR is the KAATSU Cycle application among busy executives, retirees and older individuals.

In fact, KAATSU equipment and protocols were primarily designed and engineered to be used by older individuals and those who may be sedentary and de-conditioned as well as those who are young, fit and active.

For those who are new to KAATSU or who lead sedenary lives or who are older or de-conditioned, the introduction and utilization of KAATSU should be conservative, gradual, and progressive.

Even in the KAATSU Cycle mode (i.e., 30-second bouts of incrementally higher compression followed by 5 seconds of a total decompression), there is a minimal level of compression on the vascular system while the KAATSU Air Bands are on. So, metabolically speaking, the body is under a healthful impact.

Ideally, the KAATSU equipment is used once per week during Week One, utilizing only 1-2 KAATSU Cycle sets (about 5-10 minutes maximum using the lowest KAATSU Cycle pressure). The first application with the KAATSU equipment should feel easy and comfortable. That is, there is no need to push oneself and go beyond what your body can handle.

If your body tolerates the initial session, then KAATSU can be used twice per week during Week Two. If your body can handle the two times per week routine, then you can increase to three times per week during Week Three, and four times per week in Week Four, and five times per week in Week Five.

This requires patience and discipline, but the conservative, gradual, and progressive application of KAATSU will pay off large dividends as your vascular elasticity will gradually adapt very well to the healthful stress of KAATSU Cycles.