Differences between KAATSU B2 and KAATSU C4 Models

Differences between KAATSU B2 and KAATSU C4 Models

The differences between the new KAATSU B2 model and the KAATSU C4 model are as follows:

*The KAATSU B2 model has no connector tubes. The KAATSU C4 model includes connector tubes.

*The KAATSU B2 model controller unit is incorporated into bands. The KAATSU C4 controller unit can be placed in pockets, hooked onto pants, placed into pockets, or handheld.

*The KAATSU B2 model requires a smartphone to operate (either iPhone or Android). The KAATSU C4 model is independently operated without a smartphone.

*The KAATSU B2 usage data is measured, archived, analyzed, and can be shared with healthcare professionals, family, friends, teammates, coaches. The KAATSU C4 usage data is not measured, archived, analyzed, nor can be shared.

*The KAATSU B2 and KAATSU C4 bands are made with the same materials, sizes (width and length), specifications, and use the same SKU and protocols. 

*The KAATSU B2 model and KAATSU C4 model both have improved band quality.

*The KAATSU B2 model is more expensive

*The KAATSU B2 model can be used simultaneously by two people (one using the arm bands; one using the leg bands). The KAATSU C4 model can only be used by one person at one time

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