How Do You Approach Training?

How Do You Approach Training?

For who? Competitive athletes, extreme athletes, recreational athletes
For what? Recovery, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, warm-up

A common issue that many athletes do not often address is the methods in which they approach their practices on a daily basis.

Many are content to simply show up on time. They either rush from home or school with many things on their mind. Others are distracted by friends, homework, work responsibilities, family matters or even what to make for dinner that evening.

“I thought I was preparing for workouts simply if I remembered all my gear and I showed up in time,”

recalled Steven Munatones.

“But Dr. Sato, the inventor of KAATSU, demonstrated to me how a more thoughtful approach – even to the cellular level – was so much more productive and effective. That is where the KAATSU Cycle mode comes into play.”

So getting ready to go to the pool or gym or field can now include putting on the KAATSU Air Bands first on your arms and then subsequently on your legs. By increasing the blood circulation before you start your training, by generating a surge of hormones and adrenalin before the workout starts really helps to make each and every workout so much better.

And the same is true after a workout – as Michael Andrew explains in his vlog above about his daily use of KAATSU the Original BFR.