KAATSU Aqua For Recovery

KAATSU Aqua For Recovery

For who? aquatic athletes, Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? mobility, flexibility, recovery

Whether an elderly person is recovering from a knee replacement or an Olympic athlete is rehabilitating from a double patella tendon rupture, KAATSU can be comprehensively incorporated into their recovery.

After the individual identifies their appropriate Base SKU, they can do a series of KAATSU 3-point exercises first on their arms and then on their legs. This can begin as early as 72 hours after surgery or as soon as their physician gives them the green light to begin.

KAATSU on the arms should always be performed first and will help initiate the positive system effects of KAATSU.

The KAATSU 3-point exercises on the arms include three sets of hand clenches, three sets of biceps curls, and three sets of triceps extensions. The hand clenches can be performed with standard hand grips and the biceps curls and triceps extensions can be performed either without weights or with filled water bottles, resistance bands or very light weights (>3 kg).

After the KAATSU arm session is completed within 15 minutes (maximum duration), the KAATSU 3-point exercises on the legs can begin as the individual remains well-hydrated.

The KAATSU leg exercises are very simple and can include 3 sets of toe curls, 3 sets of toe raises, 3 sets of heel raises (if possible), 3 sets of leg extensions (see below if possible) or 3 sets of simple quarter-squats (if possible). Even more easily and comfortably, aqua-walking in a shallow pool (>1 meter deep) is extremely effective.

Each of the sets of exercises on the arms and legs should become increasingly difficult due to the lactic acid build-up. If aqua-walking or aqua-therapy is used, the KAATSU Aqua Bands should only be on the legs for 20 minutes maximum.

Simple stretching in the water or walking in shallow-water pools is also very effective.

For more information about KAATSU Training or KAATSU Aqua, contact KAATSU Global.

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