KAATSU Can Help Save The Future Of Humanity – It’s Time To Give A Sit

KAATSU Can Help Save The Future Of Humanity – It’s Time To Give A Sit

Sedentary lifestyles and physical inactivity are significantly increasing, leading to a global surge in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a wide variety of chronic diseases.

Schools and children are decreasing their amount of required and desired physical activity.

Commercialism is also a significant driver of reduced physical activity. Homes, offices, schools, are public spaces are being re-engineered to minimize human movement and muscular activity. Companies and society offer elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, electric bicycles, microwaves, bread makers, air fryers, rice cookers, blenders, nail drivers, farm equipment, smartphones, Roomba, walk-in bathtubs, factory robots, smartphones, and many other devices.

These all serve to create a culture of convenience where the need for movement and the desire to exercise dramatically decrease as a result.

Sitting is the new cancer of society: sitting at work, to work, at home, while shopping.

As a result, society is facing a 90% increased risk of death from cardiovascular events, 112% increased risk of diabetes, 147% increased risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes.

Prolonged sitting is the #1 contributor to chronic diseases. The need for manual labor is being significantly reduced in all phases of human existence. Mankind’s increasingly rapid transformation from a physical demanding life to lifestyles with few physical challenges has consequences.

And the transformation will only continue throughout the 21st century.

It is time to give a sit…with KAATSU

KAATSU is quick, easy, convenient, effective. It is almost too good to be true, but KAATSU is our best health and wellness alternative as sitting has become the most prevalent activity of the human race.

How does KAATSU work while we sit?

The KAATSU Air Bands are not a tourniquet or blood pressure cuff, although they may look like cuffs or tourniquets.

The KAATSU Air Bands serve to achieve the opposite than blood pressure cuffs; KAATSU equipment safely and conveniently allow the arterial blood flow (from our torso to our limbs) to naturally continue to flow unimpeded. At the same time, the position and inflation of the KAATSU Air Bands slowly, gradually, repeatedly, temporarily, and gently slows down the venous blood flow (from our limbs back to our torso). When the blood engorges the capillaries and veins of our limbs, this replicates the physiological effects of exercise, both from a vascular and hormonal perspective.

KAATSU is a brilliant, simple solution to a growing pervasive problem.

How does KAATSU work in reality – in a work cubicle, office, or at home?

At the recent 37th annual World Congress of Sports Medicine, scientists, corporate executives, and Olympic coaches were astonished and fascinated when researchers reported,

KAATSU leads to positive adaptations for muscle mass, muscle strength, functional capacity, quality of life, and muscle mitochondrial function are achieved for people of all ages and walks of life with minimal movement and minimal effort.”

KAATSU equipment can be placed on the upper arms or upper legs while sitting and offers is a convenient, easy-to-use, safe modality that leads to muscle toning, increased calorie burn, and positive hormonal responses.

This is extremely important and effective when people are unmotivated, unwilling, or unable to exercise – or when conventional training (e.g., weightlifting, running) is contraindicated due to the stress of exercising with high resistance or intensity, especialy for people facing obesity, musculoskeletal conditions, and chronic disorders.

Below are examples of simple KAATSU exercises for the upper body that can be performed in the office or in the comfort of your home.

Below are examples of simple KAATSU exercises for the lower body that can be performed in the office or in the comfort of your home.

Healthy does not have to be hard.

KAATSU provides the convenience, ease, and positive outcomes. As a result of regularly doing KAATSU for 20-30 minutes per session while doing office work, writing emails, or reading at work, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle can be effectively reversed without requiring vigorous, intense, or prolonged exercise.

KAATSU Cycle at work

These KAATSU users are actually working out while simply sitting and relaxing at their home, office, or while reading.

The Progressive KAATSU Cycle mode is automatic; the bands are inflated for 30 seconds, followed by a deflation of the bands for 5 seconds. This “cycle” is repeatedly done, starting at a low pressure and increasing to higher pressures. This incremental and repeated compression and decompression of the KAATSU Air Bands safely and comfortably leads to the increased elasticity of the vascular tissue – essentially replicating a warm-up and workout for those who lead sedentary lifestyles or who are older or injured or otherwise compromised or unmotivated to exercise as the medical community recommends.

As a result, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are conveniently reversed without requiring vigorous, intense, or prolonged exercise.

Workplace wellness programs often involve employees going to corporate gyms or visiting offsite fitness centers or doing runs, walks or other preferred physical activities outside the office. These corporate wellness programs are widely accepted health promotion activities and organizational policies designed to support healthy behavior among employees in companies and organizations.

Instead of going outside the office or outdoors, instead of changing out of your work attire, instead of potentially messing up your make-up or hair, instead of wrinkling or perspiring in your work clothes, KAATSU technology presents the ultimate in convenience and effectiveness.

KAATSU enables workplace wellness to take place in work cubicles, offices and on business trips anywhere from hotels or airport lounges with its myriad portable products from the KAATSU Nano to the PERL Wearables.

Similar to standard corporate wellness programs that support healthy or motivated employees to exercise or conduct stress-reducing behavior that is considered a risk factor for poor health, either at on- or off-campus locations, KAATSU offers a unique, innovative means to obtain the benefits of everything from easy stretching to vigorous exercises within work cubicles and at the employee’s desks as shown below:

Simple KAATSU exercises using KAATSU devices can be performed by anyone anywhere anytime, including in offices and work cubicles in addition to in hotels and airports during business trips.