KAATSU Equipment Leasing and Financing

KAATSU Equipment Leasing and Financing

Instead of paying in full for KAATSU equipment, KAATSU Specialists and users can now pay monthly for their equipment and certification. KAATSU Global has formed an alliance with eLease to finance KAATSU equipment purchases for either 24 or 36 months.

The process is quite simple and requires only a one-page application and a copy of the first page of the borrower’s last three month’s bank statements. The complete process takes no more than 2-3 days.

These financing opportunities are ideal for individuals who cannot afford a one-time payment for the KAATSU Master Package, KAATSU Nano Package or KAATSU Cycle Package. Each package includes 4 KAATSU Air Bands (2 arms + 2 legs), a protective case, an extended warranty for 24 or 36 months, and all accessories.

Payments as shown below. These rates are subject to credit approval and credit worthiness and, as such, the rates may vary.

KAATSU Master Package (normally US$4,795): $249.13 (24 months) $188.94 (36 months)
KAATSU Nano Package (normally $2,850): US$146.53 (24 months) US$1110.52 (36 months)
KAATSU Cycle Package (normally US$1,875): US$109.64 (24 months) US$83.81 (36 months)
KAATSU Aqua Package (normally US$3,000): US$117.41 (24 months) US$76.72 (36 months)

Additionally eLease can finance multi-unit mixed assortment of equipment for large purchases. To figure the approximate monthly cost of a large purchase just multiply the 24- and 36-month lease rate factors times the U.S. dollar value of the order. These factors are 4.91% or 24 months and 3.56% for 36 months subject to the lender’s credit criteria.

For more information, contact via telephone at toll-free +1-888-410-6350 or email info@kaatsu-usa.com.