KAATSU Is The Perfect Lockdown Project

KAATSU Is The Perfect Lockdown Project

For who? Work-at-home employees, student-athletes, mothers
For what? Functional movement, strength, KAATSU At Home

Kathy Davison and Angela Hughes are identical KAATSU-using identical twins in England. As they approach their 62nd birthday, they are unquestionably fit and healthy Baby Boomers.

After hearing about KAATSU the original BFR on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s podcast this year, Angela and Kathy became regular users starting on April 4th. Angela said,

KAATSU has been the perfect lockdown project.

We’re great enthusiasts and use our kit every day. Whenever we can, we do Facetime workouts ‘together’, [even though we are] 100 miles apart.

We synchronize the button presses so that we workout using identical KAATSU settings.

We were both previously very active (home gym, running, cycling and swimming – when pools were available), but have undoubtedly both increased muscle and become fitter and stronger by using KAATSU.

We have picked up ideas from the KAATSU magazine and the blogs and have added many new exercises to our workouts. We also use the kit around the house doing less energetic activities (e.g. playing the sax).

We know there are many ways to use KAATSU and that there’s much more to learn about this amazing kit.

This is exciting for the rest of lockdown and beyond.”

The twins use the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit and the KAATSU Air Bands.