KAATSU Presentation at 37th World Congress of Sports Medicine

KAATSU Presentation at 37th World Congress of Sports Medicine

KAATSU Helps Usher in New Era of Sports Medicine

KAATSU Presentation at 37th World Congress of Sports Medicine


Huntington Beach, Calif, September 22, 2022 — KAATSU Global will be presented at the 37th World Congress of Sports Medicine.  The Congress is organized by the International Federation of Sports Medicine and will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico, September 22 – 25.


Under the guidance of Professor Yannis Pitsiladis, Chairman of the International Scientific Committee and member of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the International Olympic Committee, Dr. Fergus Guppy and Dr. Maria Kotopoulea Nikolaidi of the University of Brighton will host a symposium of KAATSU training and explain the latest developments for elite athletes, the elderly, and clinical populations. Applications in these three markets will be demonstrated by Steven Munatones and Chris Morgan of KAATSU Global using the recently launched KAATSU B1 tubeless device that is controlled by a smartphone app.


The symposium will also cover data showing the effects of the Progressive KAATSU Cycle modality on metabolism, perceptual, mood and cognitive responses to resistance exercise and its practical applications on jet lag mitigation and post-exercise recovery.

In the sporting world, there has long been anecdotal evidence of the benefits of the KAATSU Cycle, the researchers from the University of Brighton are excited to publish peer-reviewed data. 


“It is gratifying to know that Professor Pitsiladis, Dr. Nikolaidi, Dr. Giannopoulou and Dr. Guppy are exploring the benefits and outcomes of the patented KAATSU Cycle modality and our proprietary protocols.  As they delve deeper into the advantages and profound simplicity of the KAATSU technology, their knowledge will help many others in Europe and around the world better understand the numerous applications that can improve athletic performance, rehabilitation, and recovery for elite, competitive and recreational athletes – and those of any age,”

said Steven Munatones, Co-founder and CEO of KAATSU.



KAATSU is the world’s most intelligent automated pressure system for training, health and recovery. Invented in 1966 by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato of Tokyo, Japan, and protected by 47 patents, KAATSU next-generation equipment and protocols, including cycle, have a unique and unprecedented safety track record used in over 100 million individual KAATSU sessions in 49 countries around the globe.  


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The International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) is home to 4 continental sports medicine associations and 117 national associations worldwide, bringing together 125,000 sports doctors from 117 countries.