KAATSU User versus Non-KAATSU User at the US Olympic Swimming Trials

KAATSU User versus Non-KAATSU User at the US Olympic Swimming Trials

For who? Competitive swimmers, Olympic fans
For what? Strength, stamina, speed

Who will win the most anticipated race of the USA Olympic Swimming Trials: Michael Andrew or Ryan Lochte?

U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials prognosticators Coleman HodgesGarrett McCaffrey, and SwimSwam Editor-in-Chief Braden Keith break down the most exciting races – across all distances and strokes in the men’s and women’s events – between America’s fastest elite competitive swimmers.

The trio was in consensus on picking the highlight race of the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials. It is unquestionably the men’s 200m individual medley – one lap fast of each stroke, the sprint decathlon of swimming. The race has so many story lines buried within it. But, it ultimately boils down to youth versus veteran

It is the most anticipated race of the meet, showcasing an intriguing rivalry between KAATSU user Michael Andrew and one of history’s most successful Olympians of all time 12-time medalist Ryan Lochte.

For more information of the U.S. Olympic Trials, visit here. June 18th is the date of the showdown between Andrew and Lochte. Andrew is scheduled to race the 200m IM as well as the 100m breaststroke, 50m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 100m backstroke, and 100m freestyle while Lochte is entered in six races.

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