NFL Trainers KAATSU Playbook – Key Points

NFL Trainers KAATSU Playbook – Key Points

KAATSU is an ideal way to build bulk, increase strength, improve stamina, and mitigate jet lag if KAATSU is correctly performed.

The short-term and long-term benefits of KAATSU will be apparent as long as the athletes adhere to standard KAATSU protocols.


  • Always be well hydrated before and during KAATSU.
  • KAATSU for muscle hypertrophy can be performed daily.
  • Put on your KAATSU Bands snugly with “one-finger tightness”; that is, you should be able to place only one finger between the bands and your limbs. If you can put two or three fingers between your limbs and the bands, the bands are too loose.
  • First start KAATSU on your arms and then do KAATSU on your legs.
  • In the KAATSU Cycle mode, always start with your set on the lowest pressure.
  • The color in your hands and arms should always be darker than your normal color (perhaps either a rosy pink or, perhaps, even a beefy red). This is a sign of blood engorgement in the limbs.
  • You can check for proper blood engorgement by confirming your capillary refill is less than 3 seconds on either the palm of your hands or on your quadriceps by firmly pressing your thumb into your palm or quadriceps.
  • Your veins may become distended (i.e., pop out). This is normal and expected.
  • You may feel a slight tingling in your fingers or toes during KAATSU, this is normal and expected when your extremities are fully engorged in blood.
  • You will be able to gradually tolerate increasingly higher pressures as you continue doing KAATSU over time.
  • One set in the KAATSU Cycle mode consists of 8 cycles of 30 seconds pressure on followed by 5 seconds of pressure off. In each cycle, the pressure is very slightly increased by 10 SKU.
  • In the KAATSU Constant mode, the connector tubes are disconnected and the pressure stays constant.


  • Never use heavy weights; it is unnecessary and counter-productive with KAATSU.
  • Never simultaneously put on or use the KAATSU Air Bands on both your arms and legs.
  • In the KAATSU Constant mode, do not exceed 10 minutes with the bands on your arms or legs.
  • You should never feel lightheaded, or have any numbness or occlusion in your limbs.
  • Immediately release and remove KAATSU Air Bands if you feel any numbness or lightheadedness, or your skin color becomes pale or whiter than normal. Lie down with your legs elevated if necessary.
  • If you have a medical condition, follow the advice of your physician before starting KAATSU.