Support Water Warrior Jamal Hill Heading To Tokyo

Support Water Warrior Jamal Hill Heading To Tokyo

Of all the aquatic athletes competing in the Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games, Los Angeles-born swimmer and long-time KAATSU user Jamal Hill may be the most creative, innovative, and the most influential agent of change.

The postponement of the Tokyo Paralympic Games to 2021 was a blessing in disguise for Hill and his Swim Up Hill Foundation (@swimuphill). After qualifying for the 50m freestyle and relays, Hill continues to use his voice as a platform for social change. His Foundation is on its way to teach 1 million people in underserved communities how to swim and stay safe in and near the water.

In addition to his likeness on an 8-story building near LAX International Airport, Hill sells some Water Warrior, Swimming Ninja t-shirts to support his cause. To order Swim Up Hill shirts, visit here.

For more information on The Swim Up Hill Foundation, visit #swimuphill and @swimuphill.

Hill’s shirt design is partly based off of the Great Wave Off Kanagawa ukiyo-e print by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.