Volume: 02
Issue: 01
Year: 2019

What's inside

  • Using the Masimo MightySat™ Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • Moving Slowly with KAATSU to Ultimately Move Faster
  • Jamal Hill Taking It to the Next Level
  • Robert Griswold Giving Back and Inspiring Others
  • The Body’s Healing Capabilities: KAATSU Self-Care Protocols
  • The White Heart Foundation Visits Joseph Lowrey
  • Joe Gomes, a First Move, an Early Adopter, a Visionary
  • Ryan Ballance, a Lifesaver
  • Multiple Effects of Growth Hormone in the Human Body
  • Using KAATSU to Recover from Broken Fingers and Toes
  • KAATSU for Groin Pulls, Tears & Strains
  • Bret Lathrope Going International
  • The Future Is Now with KAATSU