Volume: 02
Issue: 04
Year: 2019

What's inside

  • KAATSU for Shin Splints
  • Relieving Back Pain, Strengthening the Back with KAATSU
  • KAATSU Skin Care: Using KAATSU Before and After Getting a Tattoo
  • KAATSU Utilization to Maximize Army Combat Fitness Test Scores
  • KAATSU for Torn or Strained Biceps
  • Twice Daily KAATSU Usage by Bulletproof
  • Past, Present and Future of KAATSU
  • What Happens in the Brain After Doing KAATSU?
  • KAATSU Effect on Total Knee Replacement
  • Using KAATSU to Recover from Broken Fingers and Toes
  • Moving Slowly with KAATSU to Ultimately Move
  • Reducing Jet Lag and Battling Insomnia After Crossing Time Zones