kaatsu applications gamal awad

Volume: 03
Issue: 02c
Year: 2020

What's inside

  • ¬†Great Leg Workout With KAATSU
  • Clinical Safety Of KAATSU
  • KAATSU At The 2020 Digital Running Show
  • Jonty Skinner Talks About Skill Acquisition With KAATSU
  • KAATSU Cycling To Help Recover From High Lactate Levels
  • 3 Applications Of KAATSU For Athletes
  • Stroke Survivors Do KAATSU
  • The KAATSU Choice: Higher Pressures Over Heavy Weights
  • KAATSU For Explosive Strength And Vertical Leap Increase
  • Mobility And Movement Improvements With Older Users
  • KAATSU Is The Perfect Lockdown Project
  • Gamal Awad And Hawley Bennett On KAATSU
  • Dave Carlson On The KAATSU Cycle 2.0 For Performance And Recovery
  • KAATSU Cycle 2.0
  • KAATSU In The News
  • Previous Issues