kaatsu lifestyle

Volume: 03
Issue: 02e
Year: 2019

What's inside

  • Michael + KAATSU: Recover Faster, Rehab Stronger, Preform Better
  • Single-limb KAATSU With The KAATSU C3, KAATSU B1, KAATSU AI
  • KAATSU Supple Launches In Japan
  • Quarantined? Do KAATSU At Home – Core Exercises
  • Quarantined? Do KAATSU At Home – Lower Body Exercises
  • Demographic Shifts Lead To Implementation Of KAATSU
  • The KAATSU Smile
  • KAATSU Use During Long-distance Travel
  • KAATSU For Space Colonization, Applications By SpaceX, Blue Origin
  • World-class Speed And Strength With KAATSU
  • Improving Powerlifting Recovery And Results With KAATSU
  • Gout Testimonials After KAATSU Cycles¬†
  • Play On With KAATSU- How To Get Better With Age
  • Rob Bollinger Pushing The Envelope Of Excellence
  • Kevin Edgerton Exceeding Exceptions Of Himself And Others
  • KAATSU Recovery For Aquatics