kaatsu for every body

Volume: 03
Issue: 05
Year: 2021

What's inside

  • Onwards To Tokyo With Jamal Hill 
  • Rocking And Recovery With Robert, Heading To The Tokyo Paralympics 
  • Jamal Hill Heading To Newport Beach
  • Robert Griswold, Jamal Hill Head Into The Olympic Year
  • G.I. Joe Takes Flight And Continues Improvement 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor 12 Years Post-Car Accident
  • Gamal Awad And Hawley Bennett On KAATSU, The Original BFR
  • Twice Daily KAATSU Usage By Bulletproof 
  • 74-year-old Tap Nixon On KAATSU, Days 1-17
  • Support Water Warrior Jamal Hill Heading To Tokyo
  • Unboxing The KAATSU C3
  • KAATSU The Original BFR Soccer Applications
  • Antonio Arguelles On Avoiding Jet Lag With The KAATSU C3
  • Swimming Without A Spleen, Ana Marcela Cunha Wins Olympic Gold
  • What Is mmHg vs. SKU? Blood Pressure Cuffs vs. KAATSU Air Bands?
  • KAATSU In The News