Achieve anything with a small team with John Doolittle

Achieve anything with a small team with John Doolittle

Episode Description

This episode is loaded with great advice for those thinking of starting or are currently in a start up business. John Doolittle spend 25 years of service, first in the US Air Force then transferring to the US Navy retiring as a Captain having spent most of his time deployed with special operations SEAL Teams. His transition led him to Kaatsu, the original blood flow restriction training device that automatically and safely optimizes blood circulation for health, fitness, rehabilitation, and recovery.

This episode, we also cover:

– How to achieve anything with a small team

– Recovery and Rehab for wounded warriors

– What makes Kaatsu different from other devices

– How having a cup of coffee with someone can change your life

– Using PTAD to benefit your family time

– Starting an LLC and be a 1099 employee

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