Gamal Awad Talks KAATSU

Gamal Awad Talks KAATSU

Episode Description

The husband-and-wife duo of U.S. Marines Major  and 2-time Olympian Hawley Bennett talked about their use of KAATSU with retired Navy SEAL captain and KAATSU Master Specialist John Doolittle.

They regularly use the original KAATSU Nano unit with their KAATSU Air Bands.

Awad and Hawley have used KAATSU to help with their rehabilitation from numerous injuries – all quite serious from broken pelvis bones to broken backs. They also use KAATSU in the course of their daily exercise routines. Awad talks of his daily need for KAATSU while Olympian Hawley talked about her own KAATSU journey in the podcast above.

Awad is shown below on the day of his most recent injury – and soon thereafter during his recovery with his pink KAATSU Air Bands on his arms.

To learn more about equestrian athlete Hawley who is looking to participate in her third Olympic Games next summer in Tokyo in 3-day eventing, visit

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