John Doolittle Featured On An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast

John Doolittle Featured On An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast

William Henry Ellis, a British open water swimmer, prolific film, television, theator and radio actor, and voice artists, hosts An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast, Chartable #1 UK Swimming Podcast.

During his first two seasons, Ellis has interviewed the venerable Who’s Who of the global open water swimming community: the best of the best, the most hardened and the most extreme athletes who venture beyond the shoreline.

His latest guest is former Navy SEAL captain John Doolittle. Ellis says,

“John swam the English Channel in memory of his friend Neil Roberts who was the first SEAL killed in combat after 9/11. John continues to raise money for fallen and injured servicemen and their families through open water swimming (Tampa Bay Frogman Swim).

We chat about all sorts on this one including shallow water blackouts, hammerhead shark breeding grounds and boxing eagle rays in the ocean, [from] a man who has been around the world many times over as an American special forces operative who has seen it and done it [shown on left entering the Gulf of Mexico).”

To listen to the 1 hour 8 minute podcast with John Doolittle and William Ellis where they touch upon KAATSU among many other far-reaching subjects and questions, visit here.