Halli Balli, Silk Aerialist – Hula Hooper – Fire Dancer, With KAATSU

For who? Competitive athletes, acrobats, dancers, extreme athletes, climbers, martial artists
For what? Strength, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, warm-up, recovery

Halli Balli is an aerialist and fire dancer who grew up in Hawaii and is currently working in Colorado. She worked out with her pink KAATSU Air Bands and the KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Constant modes on the original KAATSU Nano device.

Her creativity, passion and energy is showcased in her visual entertainment productions – and her KAATSU workouts with her pink KAATSU Air Bands were absolutely grueling.

For more information on Balli, visit RAW Artists, an international, independent arts organization in 70 cities worldwide focused on aiding independent artists – like Balli – in their creative careers.