5. Preparing to Use the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 – Placing the KAATSU Air Bands on Your Arms

For who? Tactical athletes, physical therapists, KAATSU Specialists
For what? Recovery

The proper placement of the KAATSU Air Bands is absolutely critical to the safety and efficacy of the KAATSU equipment. There is only one proper position for the KAATSU Air Bands on the upper body.

Place the KAATSU Air Bands over your clothes.

The KAATSU Air Bands on your arms should be placed above your biceps and above your triceps, but below your deltoids (shoulder muscles) near
your armpit.

Even if you have tendonitis in your elbow and are rehabilitating, or broke your finger or ribs, or want to develop your trapezius muscle, you still place the KAATSU Air Bands in the same position:

  • above your biceps
  • above your triceps
  • below your deltoids (shoulder muscles)
  • near your armpit

The effects of KAATSU are systemic. That is, there are only two places where you should position the KAATSU Air Bands: on your upper arms and upper legs. Any other location is wrong and can lead to problems.

The pneumatic KAATSU Air Bands must be connected to the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 device with the translucent connector tubes.

You should hear a small audible click when the tube connector is properly connected with the KAATSU Air Bands. This click ensures the lock is air tight.