7 Most Amazing Benefits of KAATSU Blood Flow Restriction Training

For who? Stay-at-home workers, mothers
For what? Wellness, biohacking, fitness

44-year-old Sorriso Lu, a copywriter and chef from Canmore in Alberta, Canada, runs Tri-Oneness (see here). Tri-Oneness is his expression and exploration about personal growth in mind, body, and spirit. He explains,

“I like to explore the best in health, wellness, spirituality, biohacking, and human optimization. The secret is that you have to train those in unison daily and not neglect any aspect of those three. That is when you are truly whole and one. When you have that true wholeness, you become unstoppable in everything you do. My mission is to bring you the latest tips, tools, and tricks to help you achieve this oneness.”

Sorriso’s latest post is about the 7 Most Amazing Benefits of Kaatsu Blood Flow Restriction Training.

He laid out the following benefits:

  1. Body Excretes Massive Amounts of Growth Hormones
  2. Increases Cardiovascular Health
  3. Ideal For Beginners, Seniors, and Athletes Alike
  4. Less Time to Recover From Injuries
  5. Has Anti-Aging Benefits
  6. Fully Portable
  7. Can be Detached for Mobility Exercises

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Caution: Standard KAATSU protocols dictates that only arm or leg bands are used at any one time. Simultaneous use of the KAATSU Arm Bands and KAATSU Leg Bands is not part of the standard KAATSU protocols and is not recommended for any individual.