74-year-old Tap Nixon On KAATSU, Day 8

74-year-old Tap Nixon, a former basketball player, hurt his left shoulder, has had 3 hip surgeries, and has long used a cane to help him limp along. After 8 KAATSU sessions, he can now pass and shoot a basketball – and open a Gatorade bottle – which he could not do before.

Tap warmed up for his basketball moves with some KAATSU Cycles on his upper body (30 SKU Base Pressure + 290 SKU Optimal Pressure) and some KAATSU Walking with 35 SKU Base Pressure + 320 SKU Optimal Pressure on his legs.

For his full progression over these last 3 weeks, visit here. For an explanation on what is happening physiologically, click here.

To see where he is on Day 17 (June 20th), Tap went out to a local basketball court to demonstrate his newly found strength and mobility: