A Transformation With KAATSU, The Original BFR, From The Loss Of A Father And Husband

For who? Widows, widowers
For what? Parasympathetic nervous system, stress relief

“I am trying to remain steady in a world with so much chaos,”

said Tina Newman after one of her recent KAATSU sessions.

The 56-year-old Southern California native has been a popular aesthetician for nearly 30 years. Her studio is warm and inviting and she has worked very hard to establish her reputation.

For years, she juggled raising two children with her clinic and it was never easy.

But then she was hit with a double loss, made even more traumatic because they were unexpected. The two men in her life, her tennis-loving, retired orthodontist and father Dr. Ernie Follico, and her stoic, gentle musician husband who long served as a captain in the police force in the City of Newport Beach, both passed away.

She took it hard as they were both larger-than-life personalities with charisma that filled every room they entered. They took care of Tina and made her feel like a princess. She explains,

“After the loss of my father and my husband, I had a tough time. I still am, but am getting better at dealing with the pain.  When people see me at the store or around the neighborhood, they think that I lift weights and spend hours in the gym. But I just use my KAATSU bands with simple movements – sometimes without anything while I just move – or with balls and resistance bands.

The emotional pain was one thing to deal with, but I also faced excruitiating physical pain in my forearms. The pain nagged me constantly and the only thing that doctors recommended was to work less. But with the loss of my father and husband, I dove into my work even more.

But with KAATSU the original BFR, I do not feel the pain anymore. I don’t know how to explain it, but the pain just went away.”

She does KAATSU twice per day.

Sometimes, all she does is relax after work and let her KAATSU Cycle 2.0 do all the mechanical work while lying or sitting down. “It is so relaxing,” she says.

Other times, she will ride her bicycle with the KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit rhythmically inflating and deflating her KAATSU Air Bands at gentle pressures. Other times, she will get on a bench in her garage and simply go through the motions of doing butterfly or backstroke. “I never expected to get these muscles in my back. I used to be self-conscious of my musculature. But now as I approach my 60’s, I know it is healthy.

And what is best is that my skin is tightening up. I could not even imagine that benefit – but I will take it,” she laughed with a twinkle in her eye.

As a result of her new body and gradually brighter outlook on life, she described her new path going forward.

“I am learning to love myself again, regain self confidence, and have a sense of calm. It has proven to be one of the hardest comebacks after the death of Ernie and Tim. I owe so much of this to KAATSU. I am able to deal with my PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome).”