Day 17 With Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

For who? brain injury survivors, Baby Boomers, retirees, student-athletes
For what? functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

After a steady recovery over a 3-week period where she is enjoying improved sleep patterns, improved muscle tone, more relaxation, significantly greater movement and mobility, and improved wound recovery, Tina did 5 KAATSU Cycles on her arms (with an Optimal SKU of 100 + 120 + 140 + 160 + 180) on Day 17.

After her upper body workout, Tina did 5 KAATSU Cycles on her legs (with an Optimal SKU of 150 + 170 + 190 + 200 + 201) while her caregiver Yuri helped her do a variety of exercises:

  1. Yuri lifts her knee while Tina pushes forward against resistance to work on her quadricep and hamstring.
  2. Yuri grabs against Tina’s back while Tina pushes back to work on her back and neck muscles. It is important to help Tina gain more muscle and control her neck when she is moved.
  3. Yuri rotates her ankles that helps her feet and calves feel better.

By Day 26, she was doing the following exercises: