Do You Get Cramps During Games? How Can KAATSU Help?

For who? Football, basketball, soccer players, student-athletes, competitive athletes
For what? Muscle cramps, stiffness, lack of mobility

There are many athletes who get cramps during games whether they play football, basketball, soccer, or any other type of sport.

Muscle cramps are sudden, involuntary and painful contraction of muscles, particularly in the calf. Though cramps are not a medical emergency, cramps can make it temporarily extremely difficult or impossible to use the affected muscle.

Cramps can be caused by long or intense periods of exercise, particularly in warm weather, overuse of a particular muscle, dehydration, or muscle strain.

In addition to avoiding dehydration and stretching, athletes can – and should – do Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets before their warm-up and games. Even with adequate hydration by an experienced and well-trained athlete, they may still occasionally experience cramps.

In these cases, start Progressive Single-limb KAATSU Cycle sets on the affected limb can effectively and efficiently (quickly) resolve the problem. In games like football, basketball, and soccer, the athletes do not have to miss much of their game if they have KAATSU equipment on the sidelines or bench and are helped by an experienced trainer.

Essentially, the repeated, gradually, increasingly progressive engorgement of blood in the vascular system helps increase the elasticity of the vascular tissue.

Dr. Cory Keirn explains,

“There are a few reasons why KAATSU Cycles helps. The easiest is that KAATSU Cycling helps push out lactate and brings in new blood with fresh ATP and energy. Of course, some scientists are now thinking that muscle cramping could be due to over neurological stimulation instead of metabolic waste build-up. Basically, the muscle is working so hard that the nerves can’t stop firing. KAATSU Cycles helps lower muscle tension with the external pressure cycles. Simply put, it is like foam rolling, but on a much bigger level.”


  • Hydrate.
  • Place the KAATSU Air Band on the affected limb to begin Single-limb KAATSU Cycles.
  • Start Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets on a low pressure setting. The athlete can do 2-4 sets as they wish.
  • As the athlete starts to feel less pain and be more comfortable, gradually increase the pressure to medium (and high) settings (if they can tolerate higher pressures).
  • Ideally, the Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets are also performed before warm-up or the game itself if weather conditions or game situations exist that may lead to cramps.

Photo above shows Danny Woodhead who used KAATSU Cycles to recover in unprecedented time from a torn ACL (read here).

Based on the original KAATSU know-how and US patent #9,775,619 (Compression and decompression control system and vascular strengthening method).