Dr. Cory On Doing KAATSU Anywhere Anytime

For who? Work from home employees, parents, retirees
For what? Functional mobility, strength, rehabilitation stress relief

KAATSU Master Specialist Cory Keirn DPT explains how and where KAATSU the Original BFR can be used…anywhere anytime, including in your car while waiting for your children.

You can use KAATSU for exercise or rehabilitation while…

  • typing an email in your office
  • waiting for an airplane or the train
  • sitting in the passenger seat on a long drive
  • doing the dishes or folding clothes
  • watching TV
  • doing homework or reading a book
  • walking your dog
  • stretching
  • packing your bags or tidying up your room

Once you understand that exercise and rehabilitation can be done anywhere anytime, your efficiency and effectiveness in getting things done goes way up. And exercise is transformed to simple movement – that you constantly do during the course of your day – with KAATSU equipment.