Improve Muscle Tone, Increase Muscle Size Without Weights

For who? Physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches
For what? Strength

53-year-old Eliot Tawil, 71-year-old Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, female swimmers, and 34-year-old paraplegic Joseph Lowrey (see here) demonstrate daily that muscle tone can be improved and muscle size, strength and girth can be increased without weights, using KAATSU.

The key is to move your muscles very slowly while contracting your muscles as much as possible in both the negative and positive directions.s can be done with simple biceps curls, walking on the beach barefooted, or swimming slowly.

But this form of muscle engagement with KAATSU Cycles (repeated intermittent pressure within the pneumatic KAATSU Air Bands) or KAATSU Training (with sustained pressure in the pneumatic KAATSU Air Bands) is most often performed by patients with broken limbs in a cast, people recovering from a surgery, bedridden patients, paraplegics, and those who are otherwise incapable or unmotivated to use weights or even resistance bands.

71-year-old Dr. Yoshiaki Sato has used KAATSU daily for over 50 years.