John Doolittle Talks About Human Potential

For who? Tactical athletes, competitive athletes
For what? Motivation, inspiration

John Doolittle was a competitive swimmer at the Air Force Academy and later crossed the English Channel in a memorial swim for one of his fellow fallen Navy SEALs.

“John profoundly understands the concepts of honor and sacrifice and reaching one’s true potential,”

said Steven Munatones about the retired Navy SEAL captain with 25 years of military service.

“He not only crossed the English Channel, but he had to face the hardships of the famous BUD/s training of the Navy SEALs in the Class of 213. He gives great motivational talks to kids and people of all ages and from all walks of life.”

He recently gave a brief talk to young aquatic athletes at Los Alamitos High School [see above] about reaching their potential.

Some background about the Navy SEALs: