KAATSU B1 and KAATSU C3 Presented at the 2022 AUSA Exposition

The Bluetooth-enabled KAATSU B1 and the ruggedized go-to KAATSU C3 were presented at the annual AUSA (Association of the US Army) Meeting & Exposition in Washington, D.C. “Building the U.S. Army of 2030” was the theme of the exposition attended by over 33,000 people from over 80 countries.

Hundreds of military representatives tried the KAATSU B1 and KAATSU C3 models for the first time.  They were pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the resultant physiological effects and outcomes of the KAATSU Air Bands and myriad protocols explained by the KAATSU Master Specialists.

Navy SEAL Captain John Doolittle and KAATSU Master Specialist Chris Morgan showcased the  KAATSU B1 model along with the KAATSU C3 model and clinical KAATSU M3 model. They  demonstrated and explained the effects of the Progressive KAATSU Cycle modality with the B1, C3, and M3 on metabolism, perceptual, mood and cognitive responses to resistance exercise and its practical applications on jet lag mitigation and post-exercise recovery.

“As the sports scientists and military community both delve deeper into the advantages, profound simplicity, and unheard of outcomes of the KAATSU technology and our non-intuitive protocols, their collective knowledge and acceptance will help many others around the world better understand the numerous applications that can improve athletic performance, rehabilitation, recovery, balance, and strength gains for tactical, elite, competitive and recreational athletes – as well as for those of any age and walk of life,”

said Steven Munatones, CEO of KAATSU Global.