KAATSU Fitness: Feeling Strong And Having Fun

For who? Working adults
For what? Fitness, wellness, stress relief, recovery

When BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) is viewed online, the images show many very fit, very strong, rather young people looking ripped. But a vast majority of KAATSU the Original BFR users are older people, including a majority of aging Baby Boomers who are not necessarily ripped, but interested in becoming more fit and reducing the pains and discomfort of their joints, back, neck and hips.

So while High Intensity Interval Training and resistance training (weightlifting) can be done with KAATSU equipment, it is much more highly recommended to simply move.

KAATSU Fitness spans all kinds of outdoor activities:

  • Walk on the beach
  • walk with your dog
  • have fun with your friends
  • do yoga
  • fly a kite
  • wash your car

With KAATSU Air Bands on in the KAATSU Cycle mode, a simple activity like walking or playing around will generate the metabolic equivalent of a moderate or higher intensity workout.

The easy to moderate movements with KAATSU equipment in the KAATSU Cycle mode will help overall fitness while being convenient to use and much more sustainable over a lifetime instead of intermittedly doing high intensity periods of training – and then quitting over time.