KAATSU Isometrics: Benefits In Strength, Speed, Stamina

For who? Work-at-home employees, student-athletes, competitive athletes
For what? Speed, strength, stamina, isometric exercises

One of the most surprising places to realize the benefits of KAATSU is an economy-class seat in an airplane.

Similarly, the benefits of KAATSU the original BFR can be realized while you are sitting down to watch a movie.

In both cases, you can do isometric exercises by repeatedly pushing your arms against an immobile armrest or placing the palms of your hands and pushg against one other. These isometric exercises engage your muscles without movement and nearly eliminate any wear and tear on your joints.

There are many kinds of isometric exercises that you can do with KAATSU Air Bands on either your arms or your legs:

  • sit down and extend your legs out and hold while contracting your muscle
  • wall squats
  • do a heel raise and hold
  • stand up and lift one leg and hold
  • do biceps curls and hold while contracting your muscle
  • do triceps extension and hold while contracting your muscle
  • grasping your hands together and pulling apart
  • hold yoga poses
  • planks
  • chest press against a wall
  • holding a push-up position
  • lying down with your legs straight and your arms at your side while holding your head off the ground

Isometrics engages more muscle fibers than the movements with normal movement – and like KAATSU, can be done anywhere anytime while pushing or pulling against an immobile object or another body part. KAATSU augments the benefits while presenting fewer risks than traditional exercises with movement.

You can also work on a muscle from different angles and with different pressures or different degrees of tension. During isotonic and isokinetic movements, peak tension is only reached during a very small portion of the movement. But by holding a specific position under maximum tension, especially with KAATSU Air Bands on, the tension – and benefits – increase.

Additionally, and contrary to common thinking, isometrics can recruit the most fast-twitch muscle fibers during training. That is, you can get faster by not moving if your time under tension is maximized.

Additionally, isometric exercises can be effective at improving your cardiovascular fitness. During isometric exercises, the capillaries and veins (which hold 70% of your total blood volume in your body) are squeezed by the muscle fibers. This temporary and moderate stress forces your body to adapt and it responds by building more blood vessels and improving the elasticity in your blood vessels.

If you are waiting in a car and have your KAATSU equipment with you, throw on your KAATSU Air Bands on your arms or legs, and do some creative isometric exercises while just sitting. Build strength, speed and stamina with KAATSU isometrics.