KAATSU Lecture Series – Peter T. Lansbury, PhD

For who? Physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, KAATSU Specialists
For what? Neurology, stamina, functional movement

Peter T. Lansbury, PhD is the Chief Scientific Officer at Lysosomal Therapeutics and Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School who was one of the early adopters of KAATSU the Original BFR.

Professor Lansbury received his AB (cum laude) in chemistry from Princeton University in 1980 and subsequently received his PhD in organic chemistry from Harvard University in 1985 under the direction of Nobel laureate E. J. Corey. His postdoctoral fellowship was spent at the Rockefeller University, working with the late Tom Kaiser. In 1988, he accepted a position as assistant professor of chemistry at MIT and was promoted to associate professor in 1993.

He moved to his current position at the Center of Neurologic Diseases in 1996 and was promoted to professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School in 2004. During this time, he founded the Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration and the Morris K. Udall NIH Parkinson’s Disease Research Center of Excellence at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which he directed for 10 years.

He was the founder of Link Medicine, and served as its chief scientific officer from 2005 until its sale to AstraZeneca in 2012. He is currently chief scientific officer of Lysosomal Therapeutics, Inc., a company focused on developing disease-modifying therapeutics for Parkinson’s and related diseases.

Professor Lansbury gave the lecture above at the University of Tokyo at the annual KAATSU Symposium at the invitation of KAATSU inventor Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, MD, PhD. in 2014.