KAATSU Q&A Webinar – 30 May 2023

CEO Steven Munatones and Chief Performance Officer Chris Morgan co-hosted a KAATSU Q&A Webinar for newcomers of KAATSU on 30 May 2023.

0:00: How does KAATSU work in your body?

15:08: How to put on AirBands?

17:53: How to connect your tubes to the AirBands? KAATSU C3 only model.

18:43: How to turn on your KAATSU C3 model and how to start?

21:00: How do I know when to go from low to medium to high?

26:50: What body part (small or large) is impacted first?

30:14: Will KAATSU affect my heart monitor results?

32:08: KAATSU cardiac research

33:13: KAATSU and core

37:41: Is KAATSU considered a high-intensity workout?

42:15: Can KAATSU be used with high blood pressure medication?