KAATSU Use During Long-distance Travel

For who? Baby Boomers, retirees, competitive athletes, vacationers
For what? Stress relief, recovery, jet lag, insomnia, functional movement, mobility

Recovery from jet lag or travel fatigue can be addressed with repeated KAATSU Cycle sets.

The applications of KAATSU Cycle sets while sitting or relaxing in bullet trains in Japan, on overnight travel on an AmTrak train, on a long-distance Greyhound bus, or during intercontinental travel in Europe are numerous, effective and efficient.

Use any KAATSU model with appropriately sized KAATSU Air Bands and do Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets, always starting at low pressure, and then subsequently increasing in SKU pressure.

You can use during ground – or air or marine – transportation; the longer the travel, the most beneficial KAATSU becomes.

Recommended protocols for optimal benefits:

  • Be well hydrated before and during KAATSU Cycles.
  • Start off in lowest SKU pressure setting.
  • Sit or relax comfortably while doing KAATSU Cycles.
  • Gently and repeatedly do simple exercises or movements.
  • Continue with lowest SKU pressure setting – or gradually and slowly increase the pressure as you see fit.
  • Enjoy the view, watch movies, read books or talk with friends and family while enjoying KAATSU.