Michael Andrew Goes 3 For 3

For who? swimmers, student-athletes
For what? Strength, stamina, functional movement, mobility, flexibility, recovery

At the 2017 World Junior Swimming Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, 17-year-old Michael Andrew had an evening to remember.

At 6:24 pm, he set a world record in the 50-meter backstroke, winning the event in a time of 24.63 seconds.

At 6:40 pm, he entered the water again in the 50-meter butterfly in a semifinal heat and qualified first in 23.27 seconds, setting another world record.

At 7:11 pm, he walked up to the starting blocks in the 50-meter freestyle for his third race in 45 minutes and won the event, setting his third world record in 21.75 seconds.

He followed the KAATSU Cycle protocol between races that allowed him to recover quickly and prepare himself physiologically for his next event.

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