Mobility And Movement Improvements With Older Users

For who? Work-at-home employees, retirees, Baby Boomers
For what? Functional movement, strength, flexibility, mobility, KAATSU At Home

Samuel Amorim, the leading KAATSU Master Specialist in Brazil and many other KAATSU Master Specialists around the world are helping their older patients improve their mobility and range of motion after doing repeated KAATSU Cycles.

In many cases, the older patients purchase their own KAATSU Cycle 2.0 unit and continue to make significant improvements after they can use the equipment at the comfort of their own home, optimally twice per day using the KAATSU Cycle mode.

Amorim initially warms up his clients and patients with the KAATSU Cycle while they are sitting and stretching. Then, they do a variety of exercises following the standard KAATSU protocols with resistance bands.

Additional KAATSU Brasil activities are posted on both Facebook and Instagram where KAATSU can be seen being performed by people of all ages.