Naked Warrior Recovery – Black Friday Sale

For who? Tactical athletes, Navy SEALs
For what? KAATSU At Home

William Branum, a 26-year veteran of the Navy SEALs and founder of Naked Warrior Recovery, is up to 50% discounts on all Naked Warrior Recovery supplements and products on a Black Friday sale.

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At an early age in his home state of Mississippi, Branum knew he wanted to be part of a team that would push him beyond whatever limits he thought he had and still enjoy the outdoors and all it had to offer. He charged forward and became an Eagle Scout and joined the Navy immediately after high school graduation.

After graduating from the famed Navy SEAL Training (BUD/S Class 208), he was stationed in Virginia Beach, then in San Diego, and finally on Oahu where he served on multiple SEAL Teams, taught SEAL Sniper School, and was deployed around the globe.

As with too many veterans, Branum suffered from numerous physical injuries and psychological symptoms that negatively impacted his well-being and quality of life.

He talked about his use of KAATSU at home and in the Pacific Ocean, Naked Warrior Recovery, and THC-free CBD in the KAATSU At Home interview series with retired Navy SEAL captain John Doolittle and Steven Munatones.