NFL Trainers KAATSU Playbook – Introduction

22 states across the United States are homes to the 32 NFL teams, but the game of football is a great unifier everywhere in America among fans and the wider communities. There is a deeply profound and powerful bond that ties Americans to the sport and its players.

The NFL is a hugely profitable business where the health, strength, speed and resilience of its players can make or break a team and its fortunes, both financially and emotionally. Injuries – both minor and major – hit every player in the league. A quick – or slow – recovery from injuries can change game plans and have a definitive impact on the outcome of games.

Versality – Convenience – Efficacy

There is no other equipment that is as versatile, effective, portable, convenient and efficient as KAATSU equipment for professional football players. Not only can players at every position maintain and improve their speed, strength, stamina, and agility with KAATSU equipment, but they can also rehabilitate and recover more quickly from any musculoskeletal injury with KAATSU.

This KAATSU Playbook is a guide for NFL trainers to use and consider when dealing with their players.

The KAATSU C3 and KAATSU B1 can be used in different ways to develop speed. The ideal KAATSU speed workout begins with the KAATSU Cycle mode and then continues in the KAATSU Constant mode with bursts of speed – either sprints or agility drills.

The ideal KAATSU strength workout is similar to the KAATSU speed workout: it begins with the KAATSU Cycle mode and then continues in the KAATSU Constant mode – and can be used with any type of bodyweight exercises or with light weights.

For strength gains, the repetitions can be a combination of slow repetitions with contractions and normal-speed repetitions, all using relatively light weights or resistance bands.

For muscle girth gains, very slow repetitions both in the positive and negative directions under high SKU pressure is optimal.

The ideal KAATSU stamina workout also begins with the KAATSU Cycle mode and then continues in the KAATSU Constant mode. The Cycle-Constant repetition can be used with any type of aerobic work including running, using rowing machines, spinning bikes or treadmills, shuttle runs, or doing burpees or quick bodyweight exercises.

In the KAATSU Constant mode, care must be taken because intense aerobic work will result in a skyrocketing pulse. The elevated heart rate in the KAATSU Constant mode should only be performed under the watchful eye of coaches or trainers.

Agility with the feet and body, or throwing motion for quarterbacks, or leg strength and mobility for punters and kickers are all enhanced with a combination of the KAATSU Cycle mode and the KAATSU Training mode.

Effective rehabilitation and recovery are the signature benefit of the KAATSU Cycle mode, provided the player does KAATSU Cycle sets at least 3 times per day (e.g., morning, afternoon, and evening). This is recommended if the player is facing recovery from a muscle tear, a bone break, or any kind of ligament or tendon injury.

In order to avoid or minimize DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in the preseason or any time during the season or playoffs, 3-6 Progressive KAATSU Cycle sets are the most effective means to remove lactate from
a vigorous workout or intense game – and can be used in combination with other modalities preferred by the players.

Insomnia and Jetlag
KAATSU equipment and protocols can also be used to minimize insomnia and jetlag if used approximately an hour before bedtime in a gentle manner.

Versatility & Augmentation
The KAATSU equipment can effectively augment any kind of fitness equipment the athlete may use: AlterG machines, rowing machines, spin bikes, barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX suspension straps, jump ropes, pools (either for aqua therapy or exercise), StairMasters, power racks, pull-up bars, dyno disks, physioballs, foam rollers, agility ladders, kettlebells, etc.

Or the KAATSU equipment can literally be used solely by itself with bodyweight exercises.

The KAATSU equipment can effectively augment any kind of movement the athletes may do: running, bodyweight exercises, blocking, stretching, rehabilitation exercises, running pass routes, throwing, kicking, etc.

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