NFL Trainers KAATSU Playbook – Using in a Hotel Room

Being away from home, at training camp, during the season, or in the playoffs, is a major part of a professional athlete.

KAATSU equipment can be used anywhere anytime – in a hotel, at the airport, in a bus, or on a train. KAATSU is useful to stay relaxed, and/or work on your strength, stamina, speed and fine motor skills while in a hotel room or other locations.

KAATSU users stayed pumped with KAATSU equipment while using everything from TRX straps hooked to their hotel door to water bottles substituting for dumbbells. You can do burpees, slow negative squats, isometric exercises, the classic KAATSU 3-Point Exercises [shown below], stretch, do shoulder rolls frontwards and backwards, and/or use resistance bands tied to a doorknob with your KAATSU Air Bands on your arms (utilizing the Progressive KAATSU Cycle mode) or while you have your KAATSU Air Bands on your legs while doing core work.

KAATSU Walking (or KAATSU Pacing in a hotel room) can provide the same effect as significantly longer (in duration and distance) runs or jogs. Place the KAATSU Air Bands on your legs and walk back and forth while stuck in your hotel room [see photo on left].

The KAATSU Air Bands on your upper legs will result in healthful systemic effects that are felt and seen throughout your body, including your core and upper body.