G.I. Joe Takes Flight And Continues Improvement

For who? Para athletes, paraplegics, disabled athletes, wounded warriors
For what? Functional movement, adventure

Not only has retired U.S. Army Green Beret Sergeant 1st Class Joseph Lowrey made significant improvements in his muscle tone and mobility after improbably surviving a horrific gunshot wound to his head during a combat tour in Afghanistan, but also his vision scores have returned to his pre-seizure levels.

Not only has Joe improved his cognitive functions, but his vision improvements will enable him to obtain a California State driver’s license,” said Steven Munatones. “Getting his license and being able to drive is another major step in his long rehabilitation from a month-long coma after getting shot in the head. When I first met Joe, he had to record everything that I said because his short-term memory was so impacted. Now, Joe can talk profoundly about his ketogenic diet or his increased muscle tone and elasticity or a new author he is reading or his deep faith in God.”

The Long Beach, California native is an avid KAATSU Cycle 2.0 user – doing twice-daily sessions on both his arms and legs – while launching his G.I. Joe YouTube channel and working with his colleagues at United Wings of Liberty.

United Wings of Liberty is a military veteran nonprofit organization that acts a hub for all Veteran nonprofit organizations, patriotic business owners and citizens [see here].