Rob Bollinger Pushing The Envelope Of Excellence

Rob Bollinger Pushing The Envelope Of Excellence

For who? Tactical athlete, Green Beret, military, Special Operations
For what? KAATSU Specialist

Retired Colonel Rob Bollinger is a 24-year veteran Army Special Forces officer with nine years of command experience leading diverse organizations in both peacetime as well as during combat tours after 9/11.

The Green Beret was consistently recognized as a Top 5% executive in a highly competitive field of special operations officers. Over the course of his career, he was acknowledged for success in leadership, project management, policy development, and fiscal consulting.

His management experience derives from leading diverse organizations from 12–1000 employees in the most complex and volatile environments imaginable.

Post-retirement, Bollinger continues to push the envelope of excellence and care of those around him. He is currently a Board member for Combat Veterans to Careers [see here] and is responsible for recreational rehabilitation opportunities.

Tirelessly, he also simultaneously serves as a Board Member for Tecton where he is responsible for program effectiveness and operational system efficiency.

John Doolittle recalls Bollinger’s introduction to KAATSU,

“Rob was introduced to KAATSU after rehabilitating his injuries associated with his combat service. He was one of the first advocates for the use of KAATSU for rapid rehabilitation at U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) headquarters in Tampa, Florida.”