KAATSU On Unstable Surfaces

KAATSU On Unstable Surfaces

We have many videos posted on our YouTube channel (click here). Perhaps the videos demonstrated by Laurel Kuzins (click here for one example) may help you?

We do not recommend using KAATSU on unstable surfaces because of the possibility of falling down. Wearing KAATSU bands, especially on one’s legs, can cause a quick build-up of lactate in your muscles. This outcome makes otherwise simple exercise much more difficult to perform – and therefore, the possibility of stumbling or falling down increases significantly. We do not want people to hurt themselves.

Of course, our Olympic and professional athletes use KAATSU on a variety of equipment (e.g., Bosu Balls, treadmills, PowerPlates, StairMasters), but these athletes tend to be much stronger, more fit, more agile, and more experienced with KAATSU than our older users (like me).

See Ted Ligety, the giant slalom Olympic gold medalist, using KAATSU Constant on a Bosu Ball here.

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