OwlEYE By Fundacji Start-Sport – KAATSU Polska

OwlEYE By Fundacji Start-Sport – KAATSU Polska

For who? Stay-at-home workers, white collar employees
For what? Comfort, stress relief

Maciej Rybicki CEO of the Start-Sport Foundation – KAATSU Poland has been sharing the benefits, advantages and convenience of KAATSU with numerous individuals in Poland. With the assistance of veteran KAATSU Master Specialist Peter Lakatos, Maciej is training the Polish National Canoe Team on their way to the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

He says,

“We believe that together we will achieve success at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.”

Additionally, Maciej has incorporated OwlEYE glasses with his clients and many others.

OwlEye, our blue light-blocking eyewear – is the gateway to our foundation for conscious people. At reasonable prices, we focus our attention on the incorporation of an entire range of products, KAATSU included.”

Maciej explains,

“Blocker OwlEYE is a lens filter framed glasses that protects against the harmful effects of artificial light – in particular LED. The lenses are designed to block and absorb blue and green light. The Twilight OwlEYE Model [shown above] absorbs 99.29% blue light and 99.21% green light. OwlEYE Blocker is very effective in protecting the eyes when looking at a computer, laptop or smartphone screen, especially after dark. Wearing OwlEye supports our hormonal balance by assuring the production of melatonin, responsible for our normal daily cycle, and consequently – we can get healthier sleep, that is, the general condition of the body.”

“Wear OwlEYE in the day while working in front of the computer with light, conservative KAATSU Cycles within an hour of going to bed, this combination is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep,”

says KAATSU CEO Steven Munatones.

Maciej explains,

“Especially in the COVID-19 era when so many of us are working in front of our computers and then using our smartphones all day, our increased screen time has negative effects on our bodies and mind, such as eye strain, headaches and insomnia. OwlEYE and KAATSU Cycles can reverse – or prevent – those problems.”

For more information, visit www.Start-Sport.pl or e-mail Maciej.Rybicki@Start-Sport.pl. For OwlEYE, visit www.owleye.pl.