Working Out Like A Leidy

Working Out Like A Leidy

Courtesy of LifeforceIQ.

Leidy Weinstein and her husband David Weinstein co-founded LifeForceIQ and OASIS in Boca Raton, Florida.

“Our goal is to awaken human potential by sharing precise effective tools and methods to maximize the health, happiness and performance of people who want to realize their potential,”

explains Weinstein, a tireless entrepreneur in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. Together with Leidy, the pair know they can transform themselves in order to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Leidy, a working mother and a competitive body sculptor originally from Colombia, explains,

“The LifeForce approach has four dimensions: we can improve your physique and vitality, increase your mental clarity, help you achieve better sleep and recovery, and reduce your stress while boosting your tranquility.”

Between cooking healthfully with organic food, she works out vigorously – but efficiently – with KAATSU Air Bands on her arms for her upper body and her legs for her lower body and core.

Leidy and David wanted to learn from the inventor of KAATSU so they traveled from Florida to Tokyo in order to learn from Dr. Yoshiaki Sato. Their initial session was intense.

“She was ready. She listened to Dr. Sato’s advice and followed his protocols to the letter,” observed KAATSU Master Specialist David Tawil. “She was pumped psychologically and became so physiologically toned – ripped – it was unbelievable.

Then she gave that KAATSU Smile that Dr. Sato is always looking for with KAATSU users after their 10-15 minute session is over.”

Dr. Sato started Leidy with several KAATSU Cycles, gradually increasing her Optimal Pressure from 150 SKU to 300 SKU on her arms. “Leidy’s skin gradually started to get pink and then became a healthy glow of red by the end of several KAATSU Cycles,” said Tawil. “Then Dr. Sato went from the KAATSU Cycle modality right into KAATSU Training when he untethered Leidy and did a variety of short exercises from isometric exercises to triceps extensions on a bench.”

Leidy then went into the recovery mode with a finishing KAATSU Cycle and she smiled, “I feel great – like I just had an hour-long workout in the gym. But KAATSU got me to muscular failure within minutes. It is so efficient and effective when the blood is pooled in your limbs.”

Together with LifeForceIQ, the husband-and-wife team created the Oasis retreat in Boca Raton where visitors can experience the benefits of exercise and nutrition according to the LifeForce approach and receive personalized Life Coaching services.

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