Volume 03 Issue 04: Optimizing Lifestyles Improving Potential

Volume 03 Issue 04: Optimizing Lifestyles Improving Potential


kaatsu optimizing lifestyles, improving potiental

Volume: 03
Issue: 04
Year: 2020

What's inside

  • Working On Your Glutes And Posture With KAATSU Sitting And KAATSU Standing
  • The History Of KAATSU And How it Came Out
  • Dr. Sato, The KAATSU Inventor, Discusses Benefits of KAATSU
  • Swimming To Optimize Your Brain Function And Health 
  • Robert Heiduk On Ultimate Athlete Concepts: Cut The Check Podcast
  • Always Start Conservatively With KAATSU
  • Navy SEAL John Doolittle Talks On The Kill The Quit Podcast
  • Green Beret Joe Lowrey And Navy SEAL John Doolittle On National Defense With Randy Miller 
  • KAATSUfit App Learn More, Do More, Experience More
  • KAATSU Recommendations For An Olympic Athlete
  • Laura Wilkinson Flying Gracefully Through The Air
  • KAATSU While Quarantined In A Hotel Room 
  • Improving Sleep Quality With The KAATSU Cycle
  • Rocking And Recovery With Robert, Heading To The Tokyo Paralympics
  • B Strong With KAATSU
  • Conservative, Gradual, Progressive KAATSU Cycles Are Key