Not Just For Athletes: How College Students Can Benefit From KAATSU

Not Just For Athletes: How College Students Can Benefit From KAATSU

For who? Competitive and recreational athletes, students, young adults
For what? Strength, stamina, functional movement, stress relief, improved sleep

Life as a college student often revolves around going to classes, studying, extracurriculars, and maybe a few hours of sleep.

Proper exercise is often the first thing to go for these students when adjusting to hectic college life and is even harder to get it back on track. There is little debate regarding the importance of daily exercise and the benefits it has on one’s physical and mental health, so the bigger question is how to make it as effective and convenient for these students who have little time to spare.

KAATSU is the industry leader in Blood Flow Restriction training with decades of research and experience. The KAATSU Air Bands safely and gently modify venous blood flow which is the blood circulation from your limbs to your torso. The temporary and additional blood circulation in your limbs leads to subtle and profound changes in your homeostasis. Your vascular tissue increases its elasticity incrementally, leading to a secretion of a number of hormones and growth factors. KAATSU is used by professional athletes, aging adults, paraplegics, and everyone in between. KAATSU the Original BFR can be used from anywhere whether you are sitting at a desk, going for a walk, or watching television on the couch.

KAATSU seamlessly fits into the hustle and bustle of college life as it can largely be used during activities you would already be doing.

Studying in the library?

Throw on your arm bands for a few KAATSU Cycles.

Walking to class? Put your leg bands on for an even better workout.

Sore from sitting at a desk all day?

Do a few KAATSU Cycles before bed to help your body recover from the day with less soreness in the morning. You don’t have to be an elite athlete or aging adult to experience the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction with KAATSU.